Energetic Readings

Individual or Couples Readings in person or via Zoom

An energetic reading integrates the use of  cards and the intuitive skills of the reader to help you understand the path that you are on and perhaps help you adjust that path with self discovery.  It is not a tool to make decisions for you, but a guide and mirror to help you view yourself and your path.  Think of it as guidance from your higher Self.  Some information you may already be aware of, while some may take some time to fully develop.  As always, you must use your own intuition to guide you in deciding how to integrate that guidance into your life. 

Light House owner & Intuitive, Nicole Barry offers readings to individuals & couples vis Zoom or in person at our studio in Somerset, Ma.  These readings access the energies of the many Guides & Angelic beings that want only to love, care for and protect humanity and provide their guidance and insight.  By tapping into this guidance you can gain so much wisdom about yourself & your life.  The Universe has a way of repeating lessons for us that we haven’t fully learned.  Utilizing the guidance of the oracle might just help you learn those lessons a bit more easily…


Individual Readings:  $100/hour  ($75/half hour)

Couples Readings:  $125/hour ($100/half hour)


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