I was first introduced to Reiki nine years ago after a pretty severe injury.  I could not believe how amazing the treatment was and immediately knew this was something I not only wanted to do but that I had to do.  I received my Reiki I certification and started to share it with friends in family mostly.  A few years later while bringing my Dad for a Chemo treatment I met a wonderful woman who was volunteering her time to give Reiki to patients and family members.  The universe was giving me a sign and I knew I had to get back to my Reiki practice. 

Well, life had a few more curve balls for me.  I lost my Dad and was in a horrible accident in the same year.  Not only was I coping with grief I began to have a lot of anxiety.   When the pandemic started in 2020 I had even more anxiety and decided I wanted to find a holistic way to cope. I  found Light House and, in the process, found myself again.  I decided it  was time to continue my Reiki training and fulfill my dream that began 9 years ago. 

I am now a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and I am so excited and look forward to sharing love, light, and lots of healing energy with you all.