Light House Yoga


Five years ago, while living in Thailand, Karly began her yoga journey and discovered the transformative effects that yoga has on the whole self — body, mind and spirit. The loving awareness, connection, and appreciation that comes from yoga kept Karly practicing and wanting to learn more. She became 200Hr Vinyasa Yoga Certified in the Philippines and continually seeks out opportunities to learn more about this beautiful, embodied practice.

In conjunction with Yoga, Karly also fell in love with Mindfulness while living in Thailand. Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening in the present moment, it is the ‘Now Experience’, there is so much peace, truth, and clarity found when living life mindfully. Karly Incorporates a mindful approach in each of her classes, often including self-written meditations as the end of each class.

Karly is grateful, honored and eager to practice alongside all yogis, and welcomes everyone at any stage of their practice. As Karly says in each class; “Yoga isn’t about being the most flexible or the most balanced. Yoga is about connecting to your most loving self. It is about listening to your body, being present with your mind, and accepting yourself right where you are both in your practice and in your life.”



Gentle Sunday Flow

(Sundays @ 7pm – 60 minutes)


Start and end your week centered, relaxed, and connected with a gentle, restorative flow.

This is a slower paced flow that focuses on alignment, body — mind connection, as well as strength, balance, and flexibility.

Each class will be followed by an optional 15-minute Guided Meditation intended to bring balance to both the mind and body. 

This class is designed for beginners and offers modifications so you can take the class at your own pace.

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