Holistic Mental Health

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Holistic mental health counseling/coaching

mental health counseling:


Mary Clare O’Brien, LMHC CCA RMT (currently not accepting new clients)

Heidi Martins, LMHC

Alicia McGovern, LMHC

Our Licensed Mental Health Counselors align with the vision of holistic treatment and natural approaches to mental health wellness. The first step in insurance based services is to inquire if our counselor accept your insurance type. Please email: info@thelighthousewellness.com to take the first step! Cash pay also available for Holistic Mental Health Counseling (scale $100-$150/session).

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Heidi Martins brings to the Light House her gift of connection with people who are seeking mental health balance. Heidi has been in the field for 13 years, specializing in grief, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Heidi helps guide her clients to dissolve barriers that hold them back, spring-boarding her clients to create positive breakthroughs. Heidi specializes in both children and adults, showcasing her versatility with the community.

Heidi works collaboratively with the on site Clinical Aromatherapist, and has earned her own Certification in Aromatherapy this summer. She looks to holistic alternative and complimentary interventions in balancing her clients mood, emotions, and general mental health needs.

Currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Optum products (Harvard Pilgrim Health, United Healthcare and more) and Tufts, Heidi is working to take more types of insurance in the near future.

Integrative energetic mental health coaching

A blend of mental health coaching, sound healing and reiki, integrative mental health coaching is truly a holistic approach incorporating your mind, body and spirit. We will abandon patterns that no longer service you, remove barriers to change that may seem overwhelming, and infuse your spirit with positivity and light. 

“Holistic” is a term thrown around the industry to market. It sounds great… but what does it truly mean? It means that you take into account all aspect of the person: Mind, Body, and Spirit. But are we accurately getting holistic treatment when that term is used? Not often.

In integrative energetic mental health sessions, you will experience a unique treatment plan designed for your individual needs. This includes your cognitive functioning, how to restructure patterns that no longer serve you, through meant health coaching, sound healing, reiki, aromatherapy, crystal healing and more. 

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Reiki Master Mary Clare O’Brien incorporates many holistic interventions into the Mental Health Coaching available at the Light House. With 12 years of experience in the mental health field as a counselor, case manager, and advocate, Clare blends her two passions into one. With the use of essential oils, natural remedies, crystals, energy work and intuition, Clare delivers the tools for positive change in session and witnesses each individual’s needs to develop personalized plans to achieve wellness goals.