Founded and Operated by Nicole Barry, Light House is a personal and spiritual development center that offers mind/body/spirit wellness services, one-on-one sessions, and education opportunities, including many classes and workshops. Topics include: many energy medicine & Ayurvedic techniques, such as reiki, sound and crystal healing, chakra balancing, angel card readings, psychic and reiki practitioner attunements, life coaching, massage, reflexology and so much more!



OWNER / Healer 

Nicole is our resident energy worker, and comes from a family of energy workers and healers.  She has a real passion for her work, and will help guide you on your journey in whatever way she can.  Nicole is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and has studied animal reiki, reiki for children and pregnant women, Quantum Touch techniques, sound healing, crystal healing, shamanism and more.  She has a deep love for what she does and it is evident in her sessions and classes. 


Nicole was born and raised in the Dartmouth, Ma area.  In 2008, she graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth with a Bachelors of Science, and continued on to become a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist.  After working in the clinical laboratory for 10 years, and with the push of a trying illness, Nicole decided it was time to follow her dreams of spreading healing to the world.

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RMT / sound healing


I was first introduced to Reiki nine years ago after a pretty severe injury.  I could not believe how amazing the treatment was and immediately knew this was something I not only wanted to do but that I had to do.  I received my Reiki I certification and started to share it with friends in family mostly.  A few years later while bringing my Dad for a Chemo treatment I met a wonderful woman who was volunteering her time to give Reiki to patients and family members.  The universe was giving me a sign and I knew I had to get back to my Reiki practice. 

Well, life had a few more curve balls for me.  I lost my Dad and was in a horrible accident in the same year.  Not only was I coping with grief I began to have a lot of anxiety.   When the pandemic started in 2020 I had even more anxiety and decided I wanted to find a holistic way to cope. I  found Light House and, in the process, found myself again.  I decided it  was time to continue my Reiki training and fulfill my dream that began 9 years ago. 

I am now a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and I am so excited and look forward to sharing love, light, and lots of healing energy with you all.

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RMT / sound / RETAIL


A dedicated wife, mother and former member of the medical field, Delia is no stranger to healing. 

Through her desire to become healthier, and to help those around her achieve wellness, she has recently begun her deep dive into energy and the healing art of reiki.  She is currently a certified Reiki Master Teacher as well as a Sound Healing Practitioner and deep into her studies on aromatherapy, herbs and more. 

Delia is more than excited to share her gift with the world.

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Brooke is a Licensed Massage Therapist, reflexologist and Reiki practitioner.  She is passionate about wellness and has studied Ayurvedic techniques and principles and immersed herself deeply in their healing glory.   

She began her healing journey in 2018 when an unforeseen diagnosis took her in a new direction.  Instead of giving in to the stress and emotional discord, Brooke took the opportunity to learn more about herself physically, emotionally and spiritually and use that as a springboard for her own personal wellness.  Brooke is now sharing this knowledge and love with the world for all to benefit.

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Karen is a kind soul who loves when new students join her practice.  She wants everyone feels welcome and comfortable in her presence and it shows.

Karen began practicing yoga and working out after her youngest daughter went away to college and it became a new love for her.  She went on to obtain her 200-hour training from Jane Viscolosi at Believe You Can Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol RI. 

Her practice is an all levels practice. The beginner can feel confident while practicing and the more experienced student can expand the cued poses to their experience and comfort level.






Hannah is an up-and-coming yogi with a passion for exploring the world of yoga.  Her classes are crafted to prepare the body for all things movement.

Ignite your inner athlete and be encouraged to seek physical activities that bring you joy, health and adventure. Transform your body into a safe haven of motion and movement and feel inspired to seek out new physical activities or continue to enjoy ones you already do. Let the community of movers around you uplift and encourage you to MOVE more, so that you may experience health, wellness and happiness without limits.





I started practicing yoga 20 years ago because as a child I was a dancer but life circumstances took me off that path. As a teenager, in my endless quest to get fit, I took a yoga class and instantly fell in love with the practice bc it reminded me of everything I loved and missed about dancing; the movements, the stretching, and the mind/body connection.
Over the years my practice has saved my sanity more times than I could possibly count and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to practice (and now share) that practice.





Nancy was studying Nutrition at UMass Amherst when she began teaching group fitness. And so began her journey over the next three decades teaching step classes, aerobic classes and Boot Camps to all age groups and fitness levels.

As her teaching fitness progressed, Nancy began practicing yoga with Kelly Meehan to decrease stress levels and increase flexibility. Her love for yoga was born and she continued expanding her practice with other teachers. Nancy earned her 200 RYT with Yoga Europa while living in the Czech Republic.

Nancy brings her passion for health, movement and connection to each class she teaches.  She takes teaching seriously and puts a strong focus on alignment, making sure her students feel safe and confident.  Her hope for each of her students is that they get all the benefits from yoga that she has gotten.






I am a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher focused on supporting students in listening to their breath and body in their personal practice. My own journey in health and wellness began as a student in Public Health at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My coursework helped to build my understanding of health as a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

I practice yoga and meditation as a way to maintain this balance and to remain present in each moment. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Public Health and a Masters in Education. I am a Reiki Certified energy healer and have also studied energy medicine with Lisa Murphy at the Fairhaven Healing Arts Center. In energy medicine sessions, I integrate sound healing with reiki energy to restore wellbeing. I am a Radiant Child Approved children’s yoga teacher trained by Shakta Kaur Khalsa. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and supporting people in their personal journey of health and transformation.





Lauren is a physical therapist with a special knack for connecting body, mind & soul.  She uses her knowledge of the body, love for yoga and movement, and her angelic voice to guide you into and out of each intentional pose in her practice. 





Alex has been practicing yoga since 2008. She has been teaching yoga since she completed her training in 2020. What drew Alex to the practice of yoga was the focus on the connection between the mind, body, and breath. This connection has helped her cultivate mindfulness in her daily life. Her favorite part of teaching yoga is the opportunity to help her students cultivate mindfulness in their own lives.

Alex is also trained in reiki, a form of energy healing. It is a way of bringing harmony and balance to the body and mind. Alexandrea has completed both reiki 1 & 2 mastery levels. She enjoys bringing her reiki practice into her yoga classes because of its healing benefits.





Heidi’s passion about the intersection of psychology, mindfulness, spirituality and body focused practices is what led her to become a yoga teacher. Exploring movement through the lens of yoga; whether it is a strong, mindful vinyasa or a slow, meaningful nervous system reboot is a practice that encompasses this intersection perfectly.  In her classes you may find a  sweaty, strength- based, powerful flow or a slow, grounded movement journey with an emphasis on  breath work and inner knowing. 

Heidi is a Practicing Licensed Mental Health Counselor with many years of trauma and several hundred hours of meditation/mindfulness training. She is a graduate of the Certificate Program in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and practices in the insight tradition. She studied under Bill and Susan Morgan, Ron Seigal, Chris Willard, Paul Fulton, Christopher Gemer. Heidi earned her 200 hour yoga certification through Divine Yoga under Tanya Dumane. She is certified in Restorative Yoga and Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery. Heidi is an avid yoga/ meditation  practitioner and a life long learner who has explored many avenues of Buddhist teachings and meditation while continuing to expand her knowledge of movement and insight through continued education and is currently enrolled in her advanced 500hr teacher training with Abbe Ciulla at Troy City Yoga.